Testimonial – Peter Jimenez DC

Sep 27, 2020 | Coffman Capital, Testimonial

Buying this business was an exercise in patience, considering we applied right before the pandemic shutdown.  We had many months of no news.  However, Matt Parker advised us to use that down time to get the necessary paperwork completed.  He sent us a long list of all the documentation the bank would ask for. When we finally got our application sent to the bank, they sent us the SAME LIST of needed documentation.  We had the already completed documents and Matt sent them in.  I know for a fact, that our approval and subsequent closing would have been further delayed had we not had a top-notch consultant like Matt Parker who prepped us the whole way. He calmed our fears and kept us moving forward.  My wife and I have agreed that any second business we buy, will again go through Mr. Parker.  You’d be a fool not to hire him.

Peter Jimenez DC

Brain To Body Chiropractic

Miami, FL