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accounting-Coffman-CapitalAre you a healthcare, financial, legal or other professional buying an existing business in your profession?  Doubtless you’ve tried a bank or loan broker, possibly not performing to your expectations. You may have been referred to us from one of our excellent professional business sales & consulting partners.

Coffman Capital specializes in just such transactions.  We have been financing professional practice acquisitions for over 20 years (see History) and have built a following among several professions.  We know what to ask, find out what can be done, what the obstacles are – or may not be – and give you an idea of how long it could take – it varies.  You can decide how much time you want to spend searching among lenders seeming very positive then denying your request for reasons you don’t understand – or they could have asked or told you right up front.

We do our best to take care of you from the minute you call us and listen to the details of your transaction and ascertain a likely solution. Then we gather the data – including from the seller and subsequent financial analysis.  We help you assemble your personal information, help with forms, business plan and projections, and present your case to the lending source (usually) already identified.  Once you are approved, we stay with you through the closing process while lenders gather the closing documents and stand by to help.  Lenders often rely on us for things we thought they would do! We don’t just shuffle you off to a bunch of lenders, hope for the best, and ask when it closes.  That’s not us.

The loan terms you will receive should be appropriate for your request.  They are often better than a bank might offer to you without our assistance.  But lower rates aren’t promised – we just get the best terms from the right lender for your transaction.  You stand to lose a lot by not getting the job done right – and so much to gain by getting it done!

finance-image-coffman-capitalWondering about fees?  We don’t publish a fee structure on this website – this doesn’t mean our fees are higher than others or avoiding the question.  Quite the opposite. Once we know the scope of the transaction we eagerly discuss the fee amount with you. It is never due until after the transaction has been successfully concluded and you own your new business!   We charge less than many, possibly more than some, but you’ll like the results and our level of service.  Our Agreement is very straightforward and since you only pay when it’s closed, there’s no risk of wasted money paid to someone who can’t help you.

Please explore the rest of our website, including some other types of loan services, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your project and how we can help you.  Emails are great for contacting us, but with something as important as your professional future, we think you’ll agree that a personal conversation and relationship is best.  So we look forward to speaking with you soon!

History of Coffman Capital Inc.

Coffman Capital Inc. is a subsidiary of Coffman Funding Inc., formerly known as Coffman Holdings, which originally also owned Coffman Systems, which was (and in another incarnation still is) a manufacturer of hydraulic water treatment systems sold throughout the Western Hemisphere.  The business was owned by Dale Windsor, a successful, high-achieving engineer and entrepreneur – and another partner. The source of the Coffman name sort of fades into obscurity but has been associated with the business since the beginning.

When Coffman Systems was manufacturing the equipment in Oldsmar, FL, Coffman Capital was created in 1996 to lease the products to the end users, often municipalities for which leasing was much easier than outright purchase.  It then explored financing products such as healthcare equipment leasing, and found that certain leasing companies would actually finance a doctor’s practice using a lease document and close in just a couple of weeks!

That spawned an entirely new product line – Doctor Practice Financing which became a new focus in 1998. Coffman Capital became a national leader in dental practice financing. At the same time, we also were financing hotel franchise conversions and other business acquisitions using SBA funding programs.

We expanded into financing medical surgery centers using medical equipment leasing programs and SBA loans. Then chiropractic, veterinary, podiatry, and optometry/ophthalmology practices became part of our expertise. A few years later we helped pioneer CPA and accounting practice financing which heretofore had been done via installment sales known as “earn-outs”. Financial planning & insurance practices soon followed when they were encountered.

Coffman Capital- Shaking-hands-with Dr.Along the way, we have partnered with institutions large and small (not to mention good and bad). We’ve been instrumental in launching programs that before the institutions worked with us, did not exist. And unfortunately, some lenders used us to help launch programs and then abandoned us. So we learned a lot along the way.

What Coffman Capital has also done is recruit and train some excellent professionals who “graduated” from Coffman and moved on to successful careers in lending and beyond. Some remain in touch as “strategic partners” or just good friends. That door is still open for those seeking to work outside the banking industry and achieve individual goals.

Ownership: Dale Windsor eventually retired from active involvement in 2016 and the business was taken over by Matthew Parker who has been with the firm since 1999 and had introduced the SBA lending expertise at that time.  He relocated the firm to its current Tampa address in 2018.

Matthew Parker – Matt comes from a long lending career including (deep breath): mortgage origination, wholesale lending, major corporate lending with national marketing programs, mortgage and commercial loan brokering, bank mortgage department management, and SBA lending.

James B. Ellis – Jim has been with us since 2007 and has a long background in branch banking and lending with large and small institutions.  He is known for his loyalty to his customers and determination to see things through to finishing the transaction successfully.

Coffman Capital has been through the financial booms and busts since the mid-nineties and is here to help you achieve your professional goals.  Please contact us at 813-891-1811 and let us know how we can help you today!

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