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Testimonial – David Pierre, Accountant

  David Pierre:   Coffman Capital came through when we needed it!  Our recent acquisition made another lender unable to help with the next one, but you got it done – thanks so much!  If...

Article – Chiropractic Care May Reduce the Need for Future Back Surgeries

  Chiropractic Chiropractic Care May Reduce Surgeries – Cleveland’s University Hospital Study Care May Reduce the Need for Future Back Surgeries    

Dr. Ian Rainey, DC

  Matt, you were phenomenal throughout this whole process.  We've been working closely together with the buyer since closing, and everything is going great. It really has given me a lot of...
Coffman Capital Testimonial Image

Joe & Karen Randolla, Accountants

  Thanks, Matt for all your help in our acquisition! Having someone to help get through the seller’s financials so the bank would understand it and approve the loan really helped, when the...
Coffman Capital Testimonial Image

Testimonial – Ashia Thomson, Accountant

  Coffman Capital really helped me in both of our firm’s acquisitions, this last one having real estate too! The terms were very good, considering the lending environment overall, and I was...