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SBA Guaranty Fee Waivers Updated thru 9-30-2022!

The SBA is temporarily raising the threshold for No SBA Fee on SBA 7(a) loans from $150,000 to $350,000 for fiscal year 10/1/21 thru 9/30/22!

No SBA Fee for loans less than $350,000*

No Minimum Collateral required – available collateral will be used as needed by lender. Call for details.

Loans for Business Acquisition & Business Real Estate

All Business Acquisition Loans include Working Capital and may include New Equipment if needed. Call for details.

*Coffman Capital can typically process SBA (a) loans with a minimum of $100,000 if there is sufficient cash flow and buyer’s cash injection.  A minimum consulting fee applies – as always, no fee is due Coffman unless the loan closes.  Call for details.

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