Business Acquisition Loans

Coffman Capital Inc. is your Best Source to finance a Professional Business Acquisition.

Among the Professional Businesses we finance, they include:

  • Healthcare
  • Accounting
  • Financial Planning
  • Law Practices
  • Architecture Firms
  • Engineering Firms

…and many more.  We have the right loan programs to make sure you don’t waste more time than necessary – just looking for a lender who finances this type of transaction.

Do I Need Collateral?

Your education and experience are your primary assets, as well as your earning power.  The need for hard collateral is still very prevalent in traditional bank lending, and Coffman Capital specializes in Under-Collateralized Loans.  Often the business we finance has little if any physical assets. And our borrowers are just as likely to not have personal collateral either. This is precisely the type of business we specialize in financing.

How Much Cash Do I Need?

Coffman Capital can get the job done with a minimum of cash invested.  We may also help you figure out where that cash may be obtained if you don’t already have it. We always include working capital and loan costs in the financing package so that you are fully equipped to succeed once you close on your transaction.

How Much Business Experience Should I Have?

Experience is important to a lender when qualifying for a loan.  You need to show that you have sufficient background to run the business you’re trying to buy.  However, lenders judge that by different measures. We have helped many who had sufficient experience – yet lenders the customer had contacted declined them for specifically that reason.  We helped present them properly and get the loans approved.
We do not profess to be able to help those who have not yet finished their professional designation or license.  Once that is accomplished, we’ll help you present yourself accurately and positively, and maximize the experience you have in a way that we hope lenders will accept.

Are your Loan Terms Competitive?

Our terms are as good – or better – than other lenders in the market place.   You need someone in your corner that represents You, not the seller, and not just the friendly banker – and they are friendly.  We look after our lender’s interests because their interest and yours coincide – your success is the goal!  Our lenders know we will present it honestly and accurately, having thoroughly analyzed it, with the proper ratios, requirements met, and all lending factors addressed.  That’s why the terms are often a little better than they might otherwise offer.

Please let us help you get the job done right – so you can start earning the income you deserve!  Call us at 813-891-1811 and Let’s Get Started!



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