Experts: Good Time to Start A Business

Sep 14, 2020 | Articles, Coffman Capital, financing, New Business

Are you still reeling from the state and local government restrictions placed on the businesses in your area – even your own?  Apparently the business gurus think that now might just be a really good time to start a business.  That may seem antithetical to a cautious person, but history shows that great things were done when people took advantage of a lull and were able to build a solid foundation that later – or sooner – prospered.

Please see this link which goes to a blog about various thoughts on the subject:

The publisher of the blog, Sage, is a leader in accounting technology and thus is involved in myriad small business owners’ efforts to grow and succeed.  One of these blogs mentions service businesses as a particular opportunity and another the need for working capital.


Coffman Capital happens to have available funds for start-ups even in this environment.  For our baseline working capital program please see this page:  We can also help with loans that have real estate, construction, build-out, equipment – the works.

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