Practice Seller Pre-Qualification

Are You Selling Your Practice?

If you are trying to find a buyer for your practice, an initial step is probably to find out how much to ask for it.  Professional Business and Practice Brokers can help, as well as a Qualified SBA Business Valuator. Before you choose one of them, and you should, we can help you for free!

Although we cannot issue you a business valuation or appraisal, we can analyze your business in the light of how much of a loan it can support and take into account different factors that will be presented when you do have a qualified buyer.  We’ll already know about your non-recurring expenses and reasons for any trends in your business you need to explain.

Then we can prepare a hypothetical lending scenario that includes the amount of buyer cash invested, any seller financing (we try to eliminate or minimize), and what the buyer’s loan payments are likely to be depending on the purchase price, working capital included in the loan, etc.

You Pay Nothing

What we offer is the opportunity to see what a qualified buyer can expect to be approved for when applying for a loan, and therefore the likelihood of your getting a particular asking price.  Only the actual buyer who chooses to hire Coffman Capital for business financing will compensate us for our services when the transaction closes. So we’re essentially working for you for free!

Let Us Screen Your Buyers

When you have prospective buyers, refer them to us to screen and of course we’ll offer them our services.  If they accept our terms and we feel they are qualified, we can let you know that we’re moving forward without disclosing any of their personal information.  You’ll appreciate knowing that the only way we get paid is to close the transaction.

Do You Need A Qualified Broker?

We have a network of qualified professional brokers and consultants who can help you properly evaluate your business and issue you an actual valuation, as well as finding you a buyer.  Some links are shown on this website under their various professional specialties.

Please let us help you get the job done right – so you can get started finding the right buyer for your practice.  Call us at 813-891-1811 and Let’s Get Started!



Let Us Finance Your Practice Purchase to Help You Succeed

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