Testimonial – TJ Phelps, DC

Oct 28, 2022 | Coffman Capital, Testimonial

Dr. TJ Phelps testimonial:

 I got to work with Matthew for the purchase of several clinics. He took the time initially to get to know me, my clinic, and my financials. Then he did additional work to get everything and aligned before we even approached lenders. That saved a great deal of headache and time. He did an excellent job of creating the business plan and projections throughout the process. He also went above and beyond in handling the many details the lenders wanted even when the lender got frustrated. With a tough clinical purchase set up he took the time and effort to find ways to get it done. I was very impressed, plan to use him again in the future and absolutely recommend his services.


TJ Phelps, DC

Hometown Chiropractic®, LLC

Salem, UT