COVID 19 Emergency Loans Coming

Mar 30, 2020 | Articles, Coffman Capital, financing, SBA Loan Program

Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Security (CARES) Act and soon there will be SBA (Small Business Administration) loans available based on payroll levels and other measurements.  The actual guidelines have not been confirmed, but have been widely speculated upon.


Whether companies such as Coffman Capital can assist companies with the preparation of such documents is not known.  Several lenders have contacted us and they at least have welcomed our participation.  However, the rules are not out yet.  They are expected in approximately 14 days (today is March 30) or less according to the time given to SBA to come up with them in the Act.

Click the link to see a document published by the > Consumer Bankers Association < which may give you some idea of what the program does.

You are encouraged to approach your local banks and lending institutions.  As always we’re here to answer questions and provide guidance.  Please click our CONTACT PAGE here to send a message, and call 813-891-1811 if you’d like to discuss your particular situation.

Our watchword during this situation is Be Safe, but also Be Sane!  It’s all going to work out.  Take care out there.

Matthew Parker