Leasehold Improvements Financing

Our program of financing as a true construction loan is unique in the industry. With an interest-only structure through construction phase, you pay only on the money that has been loaned. There is no charge on the unused portion while you complete your project like other line-of-credit programs. There is no need to start your lease early, or pay deposits to vendors out of your pocket with the hope of reimbursement later. 

We have designed this program specifically to let you focus on the project and leave the financing to us. Send the invoice you want paid to us and your vendor receives a check the next day.   We call this our “Practice Builder Program”

Practice Builder Program Features 

  • Provides for deposits to Equipment Vendors
  • Provides necessary Working Capital after completion
  • Provides progress payments to Contractors
  • Lease structure to maximize tax benefits
  • Low Fixed Rates
  • Interest Only on Amount Used
All are structured as a lease to maximize your tax benefits.


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